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Welcome to the website of the Mill Hill Missionaries

We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world. We hope that this website will not only provide you with information about us and our work but also invite you to participate in our mission of love and service.

Fr Anthony Chantry, General Superior of the Mill Hill Missionaries

Easter Mesage of the General Superior

If we listen hard to the world, can we not hear those poisonous words “Kill him!” being transformed slowly but surely into the healing cry of Easter joy, “Christ is Risen, Alleluia!”? “Christ’s resurrection is not an event of the past; it contains a vital power which has permeated this world.” (EG 276)

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Jacinta van  Luijk mhm

Born to suffer

In Kenya mud flaps on motorcycle and bicycle taxis – the so-called ‘boda-bodas’- serve the same purpose as car bumpers elsewhere: as handy miniature billboards for slogans and expressions of popular sentiment. One that caught my eye recently as I was visiting the West Kenyan town of Kitale read as follows: ‘Born to suffer’. It reflected what Jacinta van Luijk, a lay missionary and long time associate of the Mill Hill Missionaries, had told me about the current generation of teenagers in Western Kenya who often feel left out and marginalised by contemporary Kenyan society.

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Sr Bernadette Nealon

You have changed my life

I meet Susan Awuor one afternoon at her vegetable stall somewhere along Kisumu’s outer ringroad which neatly separates the leafy suburban residential areas from the girdle of shanties encircling this lakeside town with a population of an estimated 450.000 people. She sits there beaming behind veritable mounts of onions, tomatoes, kale and other vegetables. Her small business is booming. “I am so grateful for the help I have received from the support group of the Pandipieri Community Health Programme”, she tells me.

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  • Perpetual Oath Ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya

    Sunday, 12th April, 2015

    On the evening of Friday 10th April the General Superior, Fr. Tony Chantry, presided at a joy-filled celebration of the Eucharist in the Chapel of our formation centre here in Nairobi. The celebration was infused with the hope of the resurrection and the promise of new life as ten of our brothers publically committed themselves for life to the mission of God as members of St. Joseph's Missionary Society.

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  • Archbishop Ahouanan to head Ivory Coast's reconciliation commission

    Saturday, 28th March, 2015

    Another example of a state turning to the church as the most credible and trusted institution to lead a peace and reconciliation process. It is worth noting that the South Sudan Council of Churches is now preparing to offer a new initiative for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan.

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  • Following the Cross amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.


    This was really a people's way of the cross. It placed the cross smack in the middle of the daily lives and ordinary goings on of the inhabitants of Mbikko. At one station we halted close to a huge rubbish dump and passed over and around it on our way to the next station. So we got our taste of what, if my memory serves me right, is the equivalent of the biblical Gehenna

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  • An eye witness account of the Mpeketoni massacre


    Brian Wasonga is a former Mill Hill student who now lives in Mpeketoni, a Kenyan coastal town in the diocese of Malindi. On June 15th 2014 he witnessed the massacre perpetrated in Mpeketoni bysuspected Al Shabab terrorist assailants. This is an eye witness account.

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