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Welcome to the website of the Mill Hill Missionaries

We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world. We hope that this website will not only provide you with information about us and our work but also invite you to participate in our mission of love and service.

Spiritual Dialogue with the Bantu

Spiritual Dialogue with the Bantu

In this publication I invite you to find divine traces in the African culture as I explored and found it in both Congo and Uganda. In this second edition of Spiritual Dialogue with the Bantu I have added what I consider four more significant chapters, namely on the signs of the time, the omnipresent shaman, homosexuality in Uganda and ritual sexual abstinence as it is, in my opinion, related to the church's rule of celibacy for priests. (Piet Korse)

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Sjaak de Boer

Mill Hill Missionary to represent Dutch Bishops at International Caritas Conference in Rome

The Dutch Bishops have agreed to Fr Sjaak de Boer mhm representing them, together with the CEO from Cordaid, Simone Filipini at the international Caritas Conference in Rome. Roughly 80 national coordinators/directors (mostly bishops) from…

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A Life to Live

'A Life to Live' by Fr James O'Connell mhm

"A life to Live will be a companion to one who seeks to know God and his ways a little more. The Reflections are full of little pearls and gems that will no doubt inspire others as they have inspired me."
Fr Liam Lawton

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  • Anniversary of the bombing of the only functioning hospital in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan

    Sunday, 3rd May, 2015

    My dear sisters and brothers, One year ago, on May 1 and 2, the Mother of Mercy Hospital in Gidel, South Kordofan was subjected to targeted aerial…

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  • Bishop Muheria (Kenya) on the recent violence in the country.

    Thursday, 23rd April, 2015

    Muheria spoke to reporters in Rome, where he and 25 fellow Kenyan bishops were on hand to meet Pope Francis. He praised the pontiff as the lone global leader who’s spoken forcefully about the Garissa massacre, saying that otherwise Kenyan Christians have been appalled by a “deafening silence.

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  • Remembering South Africa


    But what is seven years to Re-Member, in comparison to great humble missionaries who worked and retired after thirty, forty, fifty years in mission. Well, I Re-Member arriving in South Africa three months after ordination – fragile, cold, timid, anxious, scared, afraid; yet hopeful, confident, ready, eager, determined, optimistic, privileged.

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  • Born to suffer


    In Kenya mud flaps on motorcycle and bicycle taxis – the so-called ‘boda-bodas’- serve the same purpose as car bumpers elsewhere: as handy miniature billboards for slogans and expressions of popular sentiment. One that caught my eye recently as I was visiting the West Kenyan town of Kitale read as follows: ‘Born to suffer’. It reflected what Jacinta van Luijk, a lay missionary and long time associate of the Mill Hill Missionaries, had told me about the current generation of teenagers in Western Kenya who often feel left out and marginalised by contemporary Kenyan society.

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