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Welcome to the website of the Mill Hill Missionaries

We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world. We hope that this website will not only provide you with information about us and our work but also invite you to participate in our mission of love and service.

Roy Pierce

Working with drug addicts on the Pakistan – Afghan border

Born literally a few minutes walk away from the famous white cliffs, I often wonder how a boy from Dover like me could end up working and living at the foot of the Khyber Pass on the Pakistan Afghan border. According to my school career advisor when I was 16 years old, I was destined to be a fireman and yet I ended up a Missionary Priest of the Mill Hill Missionaries. When people say God moves in mysterious ways, He certainly does.

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Brendan Mulhall


Mao died in 1976 and only five years later Matt Carpenter mhm arrived in China and he then stayed in China for 33 years helping to serve the country and its people in many ways. For many years Matt worked as a teacher of English in various Universities.

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Jimmy Lindero

Kutchi Kohli Christians Celebrate the Festival of Lights

During my over six years presence in Sindh among the tribal minorities, I have always been captivated by the enthusiasm, joy and excitement of people during the time of Diwali. It is a time when even amidst their situation of oppression and dire poverty, people see hope and celebrate with joy.

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  • Reconciliation in South Sudan

    Friday, 31st October, 2014

    Reconciliation can happen, but it will take time. If we see reconciliation as a single goal, we will be in trouble. Reconciliation is a future we must see, a journey we must be willing to take, and a lifestyle we must be willing to live. Reconciliation is a lifetime commitment to which we ALL must commit ourselves. Reconciliation calls for all of us to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS and SELFLESS in order to change from a culture of violence to a culture of peace.

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  • Catholic pastors visit Unity State

    Friday, 24th October, 2014

    Catholic pastors arrive in embattled Unity State PARIANG COUNTY (19 Oct.) Radio Tamazuj A group of church leaders have arrived in northern Unity State tovisit war-displaced…

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  • African Spirituality. Is it growing closer to God in the noise or in silence?

    James Juma mhm

    I participated in the International conference on “Spiritual Direction in the African Context” in Johannesburg in 2012. I was disappointed that the presence of Catholic local African clergy of South Africa was insignificant if not totally absent. I had hoped for a discussion on Spiritual Direction in an African context addressing the real situations in rural Catholic communities; whether the clergy see themselves as Spiritual directors in their parishes or not.

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  • People to People Peace Process in South Sudan

    John Ashworth

    Sudan has become “a laboratory for those who study peace” , particularly within the Church, and the experience of the peace pioneers of Sudan now informs international thinking. Praxis informs theology and theology informs praxis. At the same time the ongoing peace work of the Sudanese and South Sudanese Church is benefiting from these academic studies and theoretical models.

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