Prayer: I am Tweaking and God does not Tweak

Prayer: I am Tweaking and God does not Tweak


(Indispensable Collaboration, impossible interventions).

I pray and pray; I hope and wait!

I pray for peace, for healing, for grace!

I sit and stand, I kneel and I cry, I sing and crave!

I hope and wish, I dream and I praise!

Praying for peace in Cameroon/Israel/Palestine/Syria…!

Praying for healing, for deliverance, for strength!

I Pray for loved ones; for enemies; for families, colleagues, friends!

For success, for riches and for glory! For peace of mind and heart!

                                For end to violence, conflict and temptations! For love and joy for all!

Waiting till the penny drops; waited till I stop shot!

That my prayer is unanswerable

Because I am tweaking and God does not tweak!

If you were me you would put down the book

And think again why/what /how you pray!

It is upsetting – that book

Titled “Rediscover Jesus” – chaptered “Beyond Tweaking”!

Tweak! What is that? I don’t know!

I’m only told God does not do tweaking nor answer such prayers!

Let’s make sense of it together

And pray for Divine Transformation if no intervention.

To collaborate with God in prayer for peace/joy/grace/life, His Will not ours

The “Our Father…”!

                Lord, what is your plan in the plight of my home country? What cost and for how long?



“Assemble yourselves, and let us go into the fortified cities And let us perish there, Because the LORD our God has doomed us And given us poisoned water to drink, For we have sinned against the LORD.    We waited for peace, but no good came; For a time of healing, but behold, terror!”  Jeremiah 8:14


“Do you want God to completely overhaul your life and totally transform you?

Transformation may seem attractive in a moment of blissfully holy idealistic exuberance or at a moment of crisis, but the everyday reality is well like to distance ourselves from the inner work required to bring about such transformation.  The long history of God’s relationship with humanity has always displayed his preference for collaboration over intervention.  God will not snap his fingers and bring about the type of transformation we are talking about here.  He desires a dynamic collaboration with each of us.  God wants us to do our part.  So, no, we don’t necessarily want our lives transformed.  Sure, we want some tweaking, but not transformation.  This desire for tweaking is selective and selfish, while transformation is total and selfless. Avoiding transformation has a very real impact on our spirituality.  Once we abandon the transformation that is the Christian life, our focus falls on tweaking; our spirituality becomes mediocre and very self centred. Then we start praying for tweaking: Dear God, please tweak this… and please tweak that….and tweak my spouse….and tweak my spouse again because it didn’t take the first time…and tweak my kids…and tweak my boss….and tweak my colleagues…and tweak my son’s soccer coach….and tweak my daughter’s schoolteacher…and tweak our pastor…and tweak the politicians…  We pray for tweaking – and then we wonder why God doesn’t answer our prayers.  The reason is simple: God is not in the business of our tweaking.  He’s in the business of transformation.  The other sad, tragic, miserable truth is that most of us have never prayed a prayer of transformation – not even once in our lives.  Most of us have never come before God and prayed: Loving Father, Here I am, I trust that you have an incredible plan for me.  Transform me.  Transform my life.  Everything is on the table.  Take what you want to take and give what you want to give.  Transform me into the person you created me to be, so I can live the life you envision for me.  I hold nothing back; I am 100 percent available.  How can I help! Amen.  If you want to see miracles, pray that prayer.  If you want to see and experience miracles in your life, pray a wholehearted prayer of transformation. That’s the prayer God will answer.  God always answers a prayer of transformation… We need to start praying prayers that God can easily answer, prayers that God wants to answer.  When we want what God wants, it becomes easy for him to answer our prayers.” (Matthew Kelly, Rediscover Jesus, Beacon Publication, Florida, pp102-3).

This is one of the “must read” book availed by some parishes and retreat centres for faith deepening just like “Why Forgive” and “Broken But Blessed”.

Emmanuel Mbeh mhm

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