7th Asian Youth Day

7th Asian Youth Day

he Catholic Church’s 7th Asian Youth Day (AYD) kicks off in Indonesia on Sunday with the preliminary event “Days in Dioceses”, where over 2000 Catholic youth from 21 Asian countries will be hosted in 11 Indonesian dioceses from  July 30 to Aug 2.  They will then converge in Yogyakarta city, in Semarang Archdiocese, for the main AYD event, August 2-6.

Each of the AYDs held since 1999 in intervals of 2, 3 or 5 years, in various cities of Asia, had a specific theme.   The theme this time – “Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel ‎in Multicultural Asia‎!”‎ – intends to underscore the need for Asian youth to follow Christs amidst the immense variety of Asia’s cultural and natural diversity of which Indonesia is a prime model.

Model of unity amidst diversity

With some 17,000 islands dotting its vast expanse of some 1,9 million sq.kms., Indonesia is the ‎largest ‎archipelagic nation in the world.  It is home to over 300 ethnic groups and more than 700 languages. With more than 85% of its of 250 million population  professing Islam, it is home to the world’s largest Muslim population, and is the 4th populous country.  Yet officially it is a secular state with the Indonesian Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion, although the state officially recognizes only six ‎ religions (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and ‎Confucianism).


With roughly 12% of the world’s mammals, 16% of ‎the ‎world’s reptiles and amphibians, 17% of the world’s birds and 25% of global fish populations, Indonesia is also the world’s top biodiversity rich region after the Amazon.   ‎


As vast and diverse that Indonesia is, the nation has long been an example of peaceful harmony, tolerance and unity among its people, thanks to the Pancasila or the 5 principles on which state is based.  ‎The vast majority of Indonesian Muslims are moderates, but recent incidents indicate that the growing phenomenon of Islamic radicalism ‎is threatening this unity amidst its diversity.

Source: Vatican Radio

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