Welcome to the website of St. Joseph’s Missionary Society of Mill Hill

We are an international fellowship of Catholic missionaries dedicated to announcing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people throughout the world.

We hope that this website will not only provide you with information about us and our work but also invite you to participate in our mission of love and service.

World Mission Sunday: Focus on Ethiopia
Ethiopia first hit the headlines in the 1980s when a devastating famine caused the starvation of a million people. Thankfully,
Sabah, Malaysia: Gracious and Joyful Remembrance
Missionaries who return to their home country to retire unfailingly feel a tug at their heartstrings - 'my second(?) homeland
Butembo, DR Congo: Naked Despair – Prophetic Action
Panic in town Sunday, September 16. A visitor announces herself. As I open the door she is looking at her
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