A Celebration of 14 Female Saints

A Celebration of 14 Female Saints

Holy women have always been the backbone of our Church. That’s why we’re celebrating 14 female saints beginning October 15!

Who were the women we selected? They weren’t perfect, for starters. They fought with their parents, their spouses, their siblings, and their children—not to mention priests, bishops, cardinals, popes, and even their fellow women religious. They walked into the poorest of neighborhoods and nursed the untouchables. They were holy, passionate, and purposeful. And we’d like you to know them better.

Elizabeth Ann Seton. Clare of Assisi. Josephine Bakhita. Katharine Drexel. Each of these women lived strikingly different lives, yet they are bound by their courage, their determination, and their unflinching love for God.

Starting October 15, we’re celebrating 14 holy women of God.

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