A Century of Remembrance: 11 November 2018
Tyne Cot, Flanders Fields, Belgium

A Century of Remembrance: 11 November 2018

In many countries of the world, these death memorials and rolls of honour will be being prepared for 11 November. People will come to read the names and bring themselves into contact with those who left and who did not return, and those who left and did return. Perhaps these names, carefully remembered, will have the power to ask questions of those who read them.

This reading of a name and being drawn into an identity with the one whose name you read reminds me of the moving memorial in Washington DC to the dead of the Vietnam War (see photo above). This is an extraordinary piece of remembering. The names of all those who were killed are inscribed on the wall in order of their dying, 58,000 of them. The surface of the memorial is highly polished and reflects the image of the person looking at it. The names are superimposed on your reflection. You see and are seen. There is a whole way of seeing and remembering that creates an image of war that summons us to peace. When you see the name reflected in your searching look, you play your part in bringing them home.  (James Crampsey SJ)

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