A Colourful Celebration in Malindi, Kenya

A Colourful Celebration in Malindi, Kenya


Despite it being a chilly and windy morning in Malindi, many Christians of Kisumu Ndogo Parish and the neighbouring parishes started arriving very early to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Fr. Albert Buijs mhm and 150 years of Mill Hill Missionaries. It was truly an African celebration with plenty of dance, singing and good Coastal delicacies. Various visitors too graced the occasion; Fr. Albert's family members and friends who had come from The Netherlands, diocesan priests, Mill Hill sisters and fathers/brothers.

During the celebration, Albert shared how many people had been “good Samaritans” to him: They, family members, Mill Hill and parishioners, had supported him spiritually, morally and materially in his mission. He was grateful to the Kisii and Luo people with whom he worked for twenty five years in Kisii and Homa-Bay Dioceses respectively. For the last twenty five years he has worked among the Coastal people in the then Garissa Diocese and Malindi Diocese.

The Christians were full of praise for all that God has enabled him to do among them. They singled out his concern for the less fortunate in the society by assisting to educate orphans, setting up a home and care centre for the physically and mentally challenged children and support to women groups among many others.

Fifty years may seem a long time, but he felt it had passed swiftly, thanks to the grace of God.

Philip Adede mhm

Fr Adolf Pöll mhm currently serving in Witu, Malindi also celebrates
his 50 years jubilee this year.

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