A Cry for Help from Basankusu, DR Congo
Stan Bondoko mhm with workmen

A Cry for Help from Basankusu, DR Congo

Healthcare in DR Congo is woefully inadequate.  

In article written some time back Fr John Kirwan reflected: “Far too many children are dying round here; and too many others suffer from malnutrition, and lack basic medical care and a decent education – signs of the rampant poverty in what should be a rich country….”

Fr Stanislaus Bondoko mhm writes about a health centre being built with the support of donors to help alleviate the most urgent medical needs. More still needs to be done.

An appeal.

Situated in Cité Salongo, a district of Basankusu, the Health Centre is built in memory of Christina Sheehan. The Centre will help pregnant women and children and join in the fight against

Left Fr Stanislaus Bondoko mhm

malaria. It will serve as a base for a campaign against the spread of HIV-AIDS, and strive to educate people to better understand how to protect life.

The Centre will render services to outpatients for the time being. There is enough space for building wards later on whenever funds become available.

Your support and contribution will always make a difference.


I testify that the construction of the first structure/building as seen in these photos is completed and well done. The construction of the latrines/toilets is in progress at moment. The selection of staff will take place when some conditions are being met.

I am advised by the Doctors to acquire decent equipment for operations. With 10.000 USD some medical equipment could be bought in Kinshasa. Registration with the Health Department/Authority (about 1.500 USD) is required; and a pharmacy too. With 1.000 USD, a stock could be purchased for a beginning.

Thank you; and God bless !


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