A nostalgic visit to St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough

A nostalgic visit to St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough


St Michael's Abbey

It was quite a nostalgic trip for all of us: our visit to St Michael's Abbey, the Benedictine monastery at Farnborough, at the end of our three days Editors meeting at Maidenhead.

General Councillor, Fr Jimmy Lindero mhm, had invited us to see the site where three of the altars of the Chapel of St Joseph's College, Mill Hill, had been moved, including the altar and statue of the National Shrine of St Joseph.

We discovered a small but thriving (average age 44) Benedictine community and an suitably dignified new home for some of the familiar sights of the Chapel of the 'Alma Mater' at Mill Hill.

From the website of the Abbey:

The Shrine of Saint Joseph at St Michael’s Abbey is cared for by the monks. It receives a steady flow of pilgrims throughout the year. It is possible for individuals to come to pray at the shrine, and for groups to make pilgrimage here. Crowned by Cardinal Manning with a special permission granted by Bl. Pope Pius IX, the statue has been a focus for more than a century to that great silent saint, who is Patron of the universal Church.

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