A Small Part of our Mill Hill History Rescued
Fr Tom O'Brien mhm, archivist, pondering history

A Small Part of our Mill Hill History Rescued

Almost forty-five years ago Saint Peter’s College in Freshfield, Liverpool, owned by the Mill Hill Missionaries, was sold to the Cheshire Home Disability charity. The Cheshire Home Disability charity cares for physically and mentally disabled adults and is now a world-wide charity.

Since the multi-story College was impractical for them, they demolished most of the college buildings and constructed a tailored “Home” for their residents on almost two acres of land. Our relationship with the Cheshire Home has always been good, and they have enjoyed over forty years of tranquillity nestled in an idyllic corner of Freshfield.

Now, since we no longer need the single-story St. Peter’s building, I was commissioned by the Regional and General Council to sell the old building and the 1.2 acres of land, close to our cemetery. This sale has now pushed through and an application to build several homes is pending with Sefton Council Planning Offices. Our cemetery remains in our ownership, and access for pedestrians and for funerals has been legally secured.

Plaque St Peter’s College

Of great historical significance was the pictured “Plaque”, which hung above one of the main doors to St. Peter’s College, and latterly was mounted at the entrance of St. Peter’s APF building. Over its ninety year history, thousands of young lads must have passed under this plaque and benefitted from its petition, a direct quote from our founder who at that time was Bishop of Salford, England.

Even today, our founder’s prayer continues to be an inspiration. The wording may be archaic, some of the language no longer “Politically correct”, but we know what he meant.

The plaque has been completely restored to its original beauty, and now hangs in the foyer of Herbert House in Liverpool. I hope that it will remind all who notice it to give thanks to God for our blessed history, and encourage prayers for our new generations of missionaries who continue to share the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Fr. Paul F. Mooney MHM
(Rector, Herbert House.)


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