A Story of Courage and Survival in The Philippines

A Story of Courage and Survival in The Philippines

Ricky and Julie – a story of courage and survival in the Philippines is the name of a novel just published by Irish Columban missionary, Fr Shay Cullen.

The book is a fiction story that is based on real events. It is an adventure set mostly in Mindanao, Manila and Olongapo in the Philippines. It is about the lives of street children and in particular Ricky, Boyet and Julie – all targeted and hunted by the deadly Davao Death Squad that kills street children.

Fr Shay says the purpose of the book: “is to raise awareness of the human rights violations and social conditions that give rise to poverty. People can read a story and be inspired more easily in a novel form. They can be involved in the characters, understand the lives of the poor and the street children, and know what good people are doing to help them and to expose the evils of drugs, human trafficking, and the sex trade.”

Source: ICN

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