An Easter Devotion: Praying the Via Lucis

An Easter Devotion: Praying the Via Lucis

Stations of the Resurrection

The Via Lucis, the “Way of Light,” emerges from and for the Triduum liturgies.
Also known as the Stations of the Resurrection, this devotion parallels the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary just as the Via Crucis complement the Sorrowful Mysteries. These stations were discovered in the Catacombs of St. Callistus in Rome.

The Via Lucis is particularly suited for Easter Sunday, for the weekdays of the Easter Octave (known as "Bright Week" among the Eastern churches), and throughout the Fifty Days of the Easter Season.

In a fashion similar to the Via Crucis and the four passion narratives, the Via Lucis reflects upon the final chapters of each of the four gospels, which narrate the appearances of the Risen Lord from Easter to Pentecost. Fourteen "Stations of Light" have been identified.

The Latin American Bishops Conference in 1979 described the value of such devotions:

"At its core the piety of the people is a storehouse of values that offers answers of Christian wisdom to the great questions of life. The catholic wisdom of the people is capable of fashioning a vital synthesis…. It creatively combines the divine and the human, Christ and Mary, spirit and body, communion and institution, person and community, faith and homeland, intelligence and emotion.”

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