APF Promotors Celebrate 150 Years Jubilee of Mill Hill

APF Promotors Celebrate 150 Years Jubilee of Mill Hill

Salford, Newcastle, Freshfield

Close to a hundred APF promotors participated in the 150 years Jubilee celebration of the Mill Hill Missionaries on Sunday 19th June, the anniversary of the death of their Founder, Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, at Herbert House in Freshfield.

Fr Anthony Chantry mhm, recently appointed national director of Missio/APF, spoke movingly about the present day challenge of mission. The core message of the Gospel is that God loves us and that we must love each other.

The Church carries out God's mission through dedicated service.

Pope Francis regularly speaks of the 'Joy of the Gospel and ''passion for mission'. This passion is transmitted not through proselytisation but by way of attraction.

His request:

"I bless you all from my heart. Pray for me that I do not slide intpo blessed stillness" (passivity)


At a recent meeting in Rome of national directors comprising participants from 120 national entities Britain was ranked
No 5.

A significant achievement!

A heartfelt 'thank you' to all those who contributed to make this possible!


Fr Anthony Chantry, Ms Joan Loveridge, Fr Michael Corcoran

After a celebratory lunch a special word of thanks was extended to APF promotor Ms Joan Loveridge from St Helen's, Crosby, for her faithful services during an incredible 61 years!

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