Be merciful to me Lord

Be merciful to me Lord


If you have dug up stuff about Cardinal Bergoglio – Pope Francis – you will have read with dismay his penny-catechism-like retreat/talk to his colleagues and confreres at the Archdiocesan Assembly in Buenos Aires on July 16th 2005. He quoted and elaborated on St Dorotheus of Gaza that self-accusation is paramount in our spiritual growth and personal conversion – pre-empting and silencing any likening of this profound truth to self-abasement or some neurotic self annihilation, childhishness, cowardice or individualism.  That the way of humility (self accusation) is paramount and second to none but love of God, others and self in the right order of things.

If you have read with dismay his (Pope Francis) answer to his first book interview, “who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?” and his emphatic claim that ‘I am a sinner’ in no metaphorical terms but in every sense of the word;

If you have read to your further dismay, in the opening lines of St Patrick’s confessions, the same unequivocal words – I am a sinner;

If you have heard to your continuous surprise and dismay what one renowned scientist (I think it was Einstein) indicted that there are only two types of people in the world – sinners who know and admit and sinners who don’t;

If you ever muse on psalms 50/51 or Wisdom 9, Romans 3:23 or Luke 18:11-12; you will agree with the same Pope Francis in that little “Way of Humility” that self accusation is an act of courage…it means doing away with our cosmetics…a fundamental choice against individualism…an act of humiliation that leads to humility…a lure for the devil who swallows the bait and dies….someone who accuses himself makes room for God’s mercy to enter;

Then you will know why I composed and recorded this melody in which amusement and remorse mingle – Be merciful to me Lord, a sinner, in need of grace – my attempted way of humility.


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