Brixen: Missionshaus in Festive Colours to Celebrate Jubilarians
Alois Stuppner, Georg Hanser, Ludwig Lochmann, Josef Priller, Hans Kronbichler

Brixen: Missionshaus in Festive Colours to Celebrate Jubilarians

On Sunday 8th July the Mill Hill Missionary community of the German Speaking Region celebrated this year’s Jubilarians in Brixen, Missionshaus.

Josef Priller (60 years perpetual oath), Ludwig Lochmann (60 years priest), Alois Stuppner (60 years priest), Georg Hanser (50 years priest). The preacher on the occasion was Andreas Agreiter (Regional).

In summary, he said: The catchphrase today is “to multiply the gratitude.” He invited the community to thank for the vocation and mission of the Jubilarians. Living and sharing the faith is not an easy task. Moving away from the familiar home is a challenge with many facets: living in an international missionary community, learning foreign languages, immersing yourself in new, foreign cultures, meeting people of different life situations, being exposed to political developments, absorbing joy and suffering … Faith in God is put to the test more than once.

With the jubilarians we thank for the gift of faith, which was given to them by the parents in the cradle; and the relatives, brothers, companions helped to nurture and to deepen the faith. The word comes from Albert Schweitzer: “No greater monument can a man set than the traces of love in the hearts of his fellow human beings.” The jubilarians have left traces of love in Africa and their homeland. They have made a priceless contribution to the missionary work of the Church. They still do it through prayer, even when the physical energy wears off.

Anthony Steiner mhm

Ludwig Lochmann, Georg Hanser, Josef Priller, Alois Stuppner




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