Brother Hubert Neumair Retires

Brother Hubert Neumair Retires

Kampala, Uganda

Brother Hubert Neumair from the South Tyrol was born in 1939 and joined the Mill Hill Missionaries when he was 17 years old. After some years of training in Oosterbeek and a few years helping to build the convent in Mill Hill, he took his Perpetual Oath in 1964. His hopes of going straight to “the Missions” were dashed and he was appointed to South Tyrol where he spent the best part of 25 years engaged in promotion of Mission mainly through the magazine. Finally he was appointed to Kenya where he worked a few years in Western Kenya. From there he came to Kagoma in the Diocese of Jinja, Uganda, where he worked alongside the late Fr.Louis Helfer. The next stop was the Mill Hill Hill House in Nairobi which he run for seven years. From there he came to Kampala to take charge of the Mill Hill house there. He also spent about seven years in this position, and has now retired to the South Tyrol.

Philip Adede, Hubert Neumair, Cardinal Wamala

Two farewells were held for him recently. One was a gathering of the Mill Hill Missionaries from Kampala and Jinja. On January 3rd everyone celebrated a very lively evening, where Hubert led the singing of one his favourite songs – “O when the Saints go marching in…” Then on January 5th, there was a general farewell attended by friends of Hubert. Fr.Philip Adede, the recently elected Society Representative for Kenya and Uganda, presided at the Eucharist and spoke some very moving words. Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala concelebrated as did many other Diocesan Priests. A reception was held afterwards in the garden of the Mill Hill House. Present was a youth band from the Fortune home for boys. It played another favourite tune of Hubert, “How great thou art…” Food and drink were plentiful and a very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all, not least by Hubert who at one time joined in dancing with some very lively Banyankole girl dancers.
Mentioned by many people was Hubert’s availability always for the guests who have been coming to stay in the House. He is truly a people person and always had time for everyone, even to the extent of waiting up till Mid-night to welcome people coming in from Europe. We will miss him, but wish him many blessings in this next chapter of his life.

Bernard Phelan mhm

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