Cameroon Crisis: a passionate plea

Cameroon Crisis: a passionate plea

Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm


(A foolish and blind man's take of the Cameroon current crisis)

Let my eyes run down with tears night and day, and let them not cease, for the virgin daughter—my people—is struck down with a crushing blow, with a very grievous wound. If I go out into the field, look—those killed by the sword! And if I enter the city, look—those sick with famine! For both prophet and priest ply their trade throughout the land, and have no knowledge. (The People Plead for Mercy) Have you completely rejected Judah? Does your heart loathe Zion? Why have you struck us down so that there is no healing for us? We look for peace, but find no good; for a time of healing, but there is terror instead. We acknowledge our wickedness, O Lord, the iniquity of our ancestors, for we have sinned against you. (Jeremiah 14:17-20).

Lost in words! The prophet here is you and me; it's the priests, the pastors, the preachers, the bishops, the church, the parents, the politicians, the pentecostals, the muslims, the celebrities…we have no knowledge, no divine comprehension and yet silence is no option.!

The lament of the prophet Jeremiah revealed untold economic, spiritual and psychological depression before, during and after that particular catastrophe as biblical scholars can better explain to us. Was the most troubled prophet of old Jeremiah? Job or Jonah?

The atrocities, the cry, the quest for change by English speaking or Southern Cameroonians, the untold suffering of teachers, lawyers, peaceful demonstrators, families, business people and Cameroon at large does not require anything less than the plea of prophet Joel, that first Reading of Ash Wednesday: Let the priests who minister before the Lord weep between the portico and the altar. Let them say ”spare your people Lord. Do not make your inheritance an object of scorn, a byword among the nations. Why should they say among the peoples, where is your God”. (Joel 2:17). Let the bridegroom leave his room and the bride her chamber… V.15.

That is the noble duty of the king, the priest and the prophet who may be lost for words like me, but not with silence as an option.

The Consortium has spoken and keeps speaking, the bishops, Yaounde, lawyers and teachers, the youth, the Ambazonians have spoken. But guess who has spoken loudest in prophecy in this outcry? It is the man I admire most in Cameroon politics and music; and how I wish he could come back to life and watch the drama he predicted and prophesied with hilarious and unmatched rigour, vigour, passion and lament. It is the one man who deserves to see and shape the change, the unfolding events he lived and died for. He is Lambo Sandjo Pierre Roger – Lapiro de Mbanga (watch his clip on youtube in Oslo Freedom Forum – singing truth to power).

He prophesied in loudest possible terms in interlingual speakers, condensing politics into melodies without watering down the facts and the strong message. His 2011 Cameroon must change can now be seen as 2017. His constitution constipee was a cry of foul play that lawyers and teachers have now taken up, to say the least. His big katika don tire, repe don tire, he don slack, he don fatigue, una lef he rest is beyond doubt. His overdon na mbut speaks for itself. Indeed enough of the bitter practice of envoyez tout le monde a Kondengui.

And so, in my insignificance in the fight and plight, in the line of kings, priests and prophets, I will to make two dicta, prophetic or not, “bombo, I go brass make dem make me, but I go brass dasso” Lapiro's resilience and resistance. Just as exorcists and deliverers raise or cling to the crucifix and other sacramentals in desperate or triumphal fights to combat demons and evil spirits, let everyone of us sleep with their rosaries or crucifixes in hand and under their pillow, I mean it and I do it (for it was the power of the rosary and Mary's prayers along with peaceful but firm negotiations that saved Russia, ended communism and brought down the iron curtain of the last century); and the battle is not merely of flesh and blood, political or sectarian; it also has evil principalities as Saint Paul prophesied Ephesians 6. Yes, in hoc signo vinces – raise that sign by which you will conquer and triumph, as the emperor Constantine was told to. Yes, the only knowledge I claim is of Jesus, the crucified Christ. 1Corinthians 2:2.

Secondly, when the Lord does deliver and restore Zion/Cameroon and it seems like a dream to all of us, and please God, at minimal a price of blood and torture, let the nation give a fitting or state funeral to le grand Lapiro, – the Steve Biko's, the OR Tambo's, Chris Hani's, Martin Luther King freedom fighters of Cameroon!

Until then, the struggle continues; spare your people Lord; visit the consciences of all world leaders (political, military and cultural administrators) to activate and prompt respect for human life, to enhance the fundamental and paramount truth that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God; that each person is a beloved daughter and son no matter how they look or what they have done or cannot do; because apartheid, brutality, division, discrimination, subordination are at once demonic and diabolic.

May injustice cease to be the rule and resistance a duty! May peace reign in our hearts, homes, villages, towns, countries and world and may we all live as if we were actually in the 21st century with the latest enhancements of digital technology, ingenuity and psycho-spiritual transformation as children of God, caring for our common home and loving one another. Laudato Sii o mi Signore – be praised, my Lord!

Emmanuel Nuh Mbeh mhm

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