Cameroon Crisis: Rappers Join Call for Dialogue

Cameroon Crisis: Rappers Join Call for Dialogue

Askia has dropped the lyrics video for ‘Let’s Talk’ and she’s dishing out some real talk to both the Government and the ‘Ambazonia’ opposition leaders to find a way to stop the killings and simply ‘talk’ for peace sake.

“Why the killings? Why the blood? We just really wish that we could have a talk,” the rapper is heard saying. 

In the song, the rapper strongly condemns the separation of families, friends and mates and weeps for those who have lost their lives unjustly while standing for their rights as equal citizens in Cameroon. She also fires hard on the military for committing murder all in the name of respecting orders.

“Rather than spray good vibes, y’all spray bullets. Come to your house, open fire call am stray bullets… You can replace everything, but not the life of a man… At the end of the day, the struggling is going in vain,” Askia raps 

The ‘Ma Valeur’ rapper now joins the likes of Magasco, SalatielLockoTzy Panchak and many other musicians who have publicly used their music/ fame to call for immediate dialogue as the best solution for the deadly Anglophone Crisis (which began in November 2016).

One thing is for certain, we will keep raising our voices till everything returns to normal.

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