Cameroon: Golden Jubilarians

Cameroon: Golden Jubilarians


Fons Eppink, Dominic Nyachoti, Hermann Gufler


On the occasion of the blessing of the new chapel at the Mill Hill Formation House in Bamenda, by Archbishop Cornelius Fontem Esua the two golden jubilarians present, Fr Hermann Gufler mhm and visiting 'yours truly', also receive a special tribute.

In his homily the archbishop recalls his own earlier experience of one of his missionary 'ancestors', Fr Kees Schouten mhm:

'I was hugely impressed when I was a young curate with him in Mamfe, that every evening after supper he would invite me to join him on a stroll around the compound praying the rosary'.

Youthful vigor meets time-tested experience.

After the Eucharist celebrations continue in the open space quadrangle of the Formation House. The Mill Hill students put on a whirlwind show of self-composed songs and colourful dance to entertain the guests. Fr Dominic Nyachoti mhm who, after 12 years of loving service in Cameroon, is set to take up a new appointment, and the two jubilarians, are called forward to be dressed in colourful traditional garb and paraphernalia. Fr Dominic is praised for his dedication to the Kom people, learning their language to a high degree of fluency and studying local custom in depth. He truly deserves the title: 'Bo Chong' – an honorary traditional way of address.

A festive meal concludes this memorable celebration.

Fons Eppink mhm

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