Cardinal Herbert Vaughan

Cardinal Herbert Vaughan

By Robert O'Neil mhm

This is a reprint in paperback of Fr Robert O'Neil's biography of Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, founder of the Mill Hill Missionary Society, originally published in 1997.

Cardinal Herbert Vaughan: Archbishop of Westminster, Bishop of Salford, Founder of the Mill Hill Missionaries. By Robert O'Neil, M.H.M. (New York: The Crossroad Publishing Company. 1997. Pp VIII, 520.)

A few extracts from reviews:

“A skillful, critical historian and a Mill Hill Missionary, Robert O’Neil has written a thoroughly convincing, rounded account of the achievements, limitations, and essential greatness of the founder of his society. It admirably succeeds in revealing the spirituality and humanity of a priest who sometimes appeared to contemporaries as intolerably grim and narrow.” —Richard Gray, Professor Emeritus of African History at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in International Bulletin of Missionary Research

“O’Neils biography is detailed, accurate and highly readable. Ample notes are relegated to the end of each chapter and are frequently in the entertaining ‘Warner and Martin’ style of the history books of fifty years ago. He has enjoyed access to every available archive, both at home and abroad, and has used them to build up the picture of Herbert Vaughan, portraying the many seeming inconsistencies in a man capable of rebuking i priest for truncating prescribed reverence in his haste to go on a sick call, and yet himself dubbed 'the Scarlet runner’ for his own rapid despatch of Pontifical High Masses. This book provides enough material for the reader to form an estimate of this Jerome-like figure, the one saint in fact to whom Vaughan ever compared himself.” —Francis J. McCarthy, MHM, Editor of Mission Outlook, in Priests and People

“Fr O’Neil, in his useful biography, gives a penetrating insight into Vaughan’s character and a broad picture of his remarkable work. The Vaughan that Fr O’Neil reveals is an engaging, if frightening figure whose contribution to English Catholicism was immense.” —Allan White, OP, in New Blackfriars

“I must confess that I was filled with joyous envy when I finished reading Father O’Neil’s work. As one who has spent some years in the field that is covered in the book, I was envious of the scope of his research, documented in footnotes worthy of being a book in themselves, but allowing for the main body of the work to be uncluttered in its smooth storytelling. I was joyous because I saw coming together a readable account of the complex life and times of Herbert Vaughan, not just an account of the growth and development of the Mill Hill Society and world mission____ This book is a finely accomplished work.”

—Peter Hogan, SSJ, Josephites, Baltimore, MD

About the author

ROBERT O’NEIL, a priest and member of the Mill Hill Missionaries, was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA. He holds a PhD in History from Columbia University in New York. Ordained in July 1965 at Westminster Cathedral by Cardinal Heenan he then worked for fifteen years in Cameroon, West Africa. He is the author of Mission to the British Cameroons (1992) and Mission to the Upper Nile (1999). For nineteen years he was an assistant at St. Mary’s Parish on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Since 2014 he has been at the Mill Hill residence in Hartsdale, New York. Currently he is preparing to publish a book on German Kamerun, the missions and the Spanish island of Fernando Po during WW1.

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