Young Priests Meeting in Lahore, Pakistan

Nearly 40 priests from different Dioceses in Pakistan attended the just concluded Annual Young Priests' Conference held in Lahore, Pakistan. The 3-day get-together was organized by the National Clergy Commission Pakistan to provide on-going formation for young priests not less than a year and not more than five years ordained. The Conference was also intended to promote a closer relationship among the young priests so that they can support each other and share with one another their joys and struggles.


A Carnival Parade

Carnival is an originally a pagan European spring festival, with an emphasis on role-reversal and suspension of social norms. The feast was christianised by the Catholic Church and is celebrated in the three days preceding the Christian holidays of Ash Wednesday and Lent.


Through the Lens

Muslim kneeling in prayer just yards from St John's Catholic church , Bamenda, Cameroon Muslim - Christian 'dialogue of life': a contemporary challenge.

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