Celebrating Fr Adolf Pöll mhm

Celebrating Fr Adolf Pöll mhm

Witu, Kenya

Fr Adolf Pöll mhm is commonly known as ‘Alleluia’ but in Witu the locals call him “Father Wetu” (Our priest). He is known for his whistling and jolly greetings. Everywhere we passed people knew him so well and this is significant owing to the fact that the majority of the locals are Muslims; they admire him, they love him and they adore him. Fr. Adolf too cares about them, loves them and adores them. Adolf doesn’t like to be at the centre of attention/celebration, so at his golden jubilee celebrations, there were three other celebrations actually meant to drown his own big day.

On Saturday we gathered at one of the outstations of Kipini/Witu parish to bless a new church he had just completed building; and it really means him building as he does the work himself.

The other was the blessing of a water well that he had helped to sink thanks to the support of his family members back in Austria. The third celebration which to me was a mirror of the real work of Adolf was a thanksgiving and farewell celebrations of Sr. Dorcas, a Mill Hill Sister who has worked in Witu for the last nine years. She was engaged in social work reaching out to the Muslims and locals through health and empowerment programs targeting mainly women and young girls.

Albert Buijs mhm, Sr Dorcas fmsj, Fr Adolf Pöll mhm

The security situation remains a concern with so many soldiers and roadblocks around the place. The presence of the Mill Hill members in Witu/Kipini gives assurance and hope to the locals and also to people from other parts of the country working there. One person shared how at the height of insecurity Fr. Adolf remained and assisted the wounded, took them to the hospitals and took care that the dead were buried. He was also able to transport police to intervene between the warring groups. Fr. Adolf rarely preaches with words but by his hands and feet.

He reaches out to all irrespective of religion or tribe, sets up programs that can bring all together.

A true witness to Loving Service! I think there is no greater achievement in the dialogue with the Muslims than making them realize that their very God is active and present in us, Christians; and in Adolf, his Muslim neighbours see Allah in him and in his works every day.

Philip Adede mhm

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