Celebrating the 150 years Jubilee in Absam.

Celebrating the 150 years Jubilee in Absam.

Pilgrimage Basilica Absam

On Friday 17th of June 2016 during the 150 Years Jubilee Mass in the Pilgrimage Basilica of Absam the 13 Mill Hill Priests present were asked by the Main Celebrant to renew their Missionary Oath. They did this in the presence of the Diocesan Administrator of Innsbruck, Jakob Bürgler – who presided the Eucharist –, the Abbot of the Norbertine Monastery Wilten – Innsbruck, Raimund Schreier, the Dean and Parish Priest of Absam, Martin Ferner, and a number of other Priests, Sisters, Zealators, Guests and Families while standing round the altar. This impressive and moving ceremony was conducted in Englishand it proved to be a strong expression of the missionary commitment and of belonging to an English Missionary Congregation.

Konrad Willeit

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