Do you really love us, the children ???

We, the Nuba children together with our South Sudanese brothers and sisters, want to remind you that we are still alive!! This is despite the fact that we are being forgotten and neglected and that the suffering of our parents is hurting us deeply. Many of us have only one parent, and we all have friends who have lost both mother and father.

So many of our parents have died fighting for our freedom, from hunger, from childbirth and even from sheer exhaustion from the many, many years we have been in war.

We tend our small hands to you: adults all over the world, whatever your position is in life whether Presidents, Kings, Queens, Governors, Politicians, Commanders, Police, Army, Businessmen and women. We assure the entire world that even if it forgets us Jesus does not forget and this gives us hope and tranquillity. Evil and injustice cannot be eternal. They will be defeated.

We know Jesus loves us beyond all human understanding. He orders his disciples:
"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to them." We remind you that Christ says: "Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me."

The world might have ‘pity’ on us BUT Christ loves us. We reflect His beauty His innocence, and His love of creation.

In the weakness of our bodies caused by war, starvation, tribalism, corruption, and power-struggles, we put to shame the perpetrators of these evils. In our nakedness we. prick the consciences of those clad in silk and gold. With our tears and empty stomachs, we shake the hearts of those gluttons who are overfed, and who are the killers our parents, rapists of our sisters and humiliators of our elders. We, the suffering children of both nations, tell you that the guns you wield do not render you gods to rob us of our dignity and the reflection we are of the Divine Love. You who sit on the mighty thrones remember you were children, and you have children too.

Do you have a real heart to love, an intelligence to understand and a determined will bring justice and peace for us, the most forgotten and the innocent? We the children invite you to treasure us; we are all the most precious gifts God bestows in the world. Defend and protect our God-given rights. We the children are justice, we are peace and we are love. Hold our hands this Christmas and you will hold Christ, the Emmanuel, God with us.


+ Macram Max Gassis
Emeritus Bishop of El Obeid Diocese (SUDAN) In charge of Twic State (South Sudan)

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