Churches major partners in search for peace in South Sudan

Churches major partners in search for peace in South Sudan

John Ashworth

In an article in this week's Tablet John Ashworth describes the Christian Churches' role in getting a peace process started in South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan are truly weary of war. Yet many of their
leaders still seem to believe that violence can resolve the country’s
problems. It was refreshing to hear President Salva Kiir speak
recently of unity, forgiveness and dialogue, and ask the people to
forgive him for any mistakes he might have committed. But the fighting
continues, and for it to have any credibility, the government must now
match its words with actions. All the leaders – both government and
rebel – have spent virtually their entire lives at war. It is as if
they have no other lens through which to view the country’s problems.

With this in mind, the South Sudanese Church is finding itself
increasingly drawn to the language of active non-violence and just
peace being developed by Pax Christi International and the Pontifical
Council for Justice and Peace (now part of the Dicastery for Promoting
Integral Human Development, under the leadership of Cardinal Peter
Turkson), following their conference in Rome last March, in which the
SSCC participated.

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