Young Mill Hill missionaries in Pakistan have to travel long distances to meet. Recently those working in Sindh covered some 1200 kms for a meeting with their conterparts in the north at Lahore. One of the participants, Edson Paguntalan mhm emailed: "We have just come back from our meeting. It was quite a journey with the excitement of recent protests on our way back. But thank God we made it back safe and sound".

This is his report:

Communion and Mission.

Young Members Meeting in Pakistan.

Edson Paguntalan, Reynel Tanalgo, Richard Anguyo, Hillary Awiti

An occasion came for us young members in Pakistan to be united again this year. The theme of our young members’ gathering this year is: “Communion and Mission”. We focused on strengthening our bond of friendship and building the union between our mission in the South of Pakistan (Sindh) and the North (Rawalpindi). The meeting was also an attempt to rethink our styles and methods of mission – reading the ‘signs of our times’.

The distance and the demands of pastoral work prevent us from meeting regularly; but it is always a pleasure to meet fellow missionaries in the field. Being united means discovering extraordinary things within our ordinary experiences. Even though the distance we have to travel to meet is beyond words, what captures our hearts as we weave our way is our concern for each other. Our encounter reaffirms our common aims and desires to help each other develop ways of putting into practice new methods in our various ministries. Our conversation and sharing helped us to search for new ways to bring the Good News to all.

This time, we were privileged to have Fr. Jeyaray, a Sri Lankan Jesuit, to be our speaker in one of our sessions. We thank Fr. Jeya for giving us updates on current trends and challenges in Missiology and for giving as a clear picture of the future of mission in Asia.

Edson Paguntalan, MHM

Bernie Luna, Riichard Anguyo, Hillary Awiti, Reynel Tanalgo


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