Cosmas Omboto Ondari MHM: A Tribute

Cosmas Omboto Ondari MHM: A Tribute

Tribute to Cosmas

Those who are good die young. But you must have been too good to have died so young and so soon. You are truly a Mill Hill man, who lived his missionary life to the full. You attained the ultimate prize, the reward of martyrdom. You had opportunities to take an easy root of life, but you chose the road less traveled. You could have settled for a known path of certainty and security but you said yes to the unknown and lept into the dark guided by faith alone.

Red sash is our mark of Missionary identity as Mill Hill members; we tie it around our waist as a symbol of our willingness to go wherever we are called to go but most especially to people who are most in need of grace. You did not just wear it, but you have lived it yourself, by accepting to work with people who needed you most. When you had the opportunity to save yourself, you remained faithful to the sash and chose to remain with the people. You gave your life defending the defenseless, and as a true soldier of Christ took a bullet on their behalf. May your blood, shed at the door of the Church, where as a good shepherd you stood protecting the people you loved most, be a constant reminder of our call into a world that need peace and reconciliation.

Fr Philip Adede Amek mhm

You have been a true witness to the gospel: There has been no greater homily given by you than your death. It is the ultimate preaching, the ultimate teaching of compassion, mercy, love and self giving, and the self outpouring for others to have life. You may be physically gone, but your life will remain alive; your bright light, the smile and gentle voice will echo to the ends of the world. When we are all gone, you name will still be mentioned as the great martyr of the Kembong People, and of the whole Church. Your death, just like you, has been a celebration of a life well lived. For the wise, the dead are with the Lord. Your life has not ended but you have been raised to new life with the Lord. You are now gazing at the beauty of God that you so desired in your life here on earth. As a martyr, may your blood become the seed for vocations to Missionary life. May your death be an inspiration to the Mill Hill missionaries, and all missionaries on our resolve and firm commitment to reach out to people who need us most, especially the most abandoned.

We pray for the family and your family in Cameroon, the people of Kembong whom you served so well, that through your death they may have peace and deep consolation. May the angels of the Lord receive your soul and lead you the bosom of the heavenly Father. Cosy Cosy, we shall dearly miss you. Fare thee well. Cosy Cosy rest in peace. Cosy Cosy may your smile remain alive in our lives. Rest in eternal peace till me meet again.

Fr. Philip Amek

Society Representative Kenya/Uganda

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  1. May God rest you Cosmas and bring you to share in his eternal happiness.

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