Diagnosed with Cancer

Diagnosed with Cancer

A poem by Sr Isabel C. Kelly FMSJ


I found a lump on Saturday
I thought I'd check it out
I saw the doctor on Wednesday
It was cancer without a doubt.

This was confirmed on Thursday
But on Wednesday I knew it was true
You meet people with cancer frequently
But you never think one day it will be

The feelings about this news will vary
That we cannot deny
But would imagine the feeling most
Is the scary one, think I.

Our thoughts go out to our families
Our friends and acquaintances too
But whatever your feelings of
uncertainty are
You know they are there for you.

My policy is to be hopeful
To trust in God above
Not to be angry
Or shout at Him
For He is a God of Love.

My journey is just beginning
I don't know what lies ahead
Once it starts, I’ll let you know
Whatever goes on in my head.

Written by Sister Isabel C. KeIly, FMSJ

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