DR Congo: Bishops withdraw from Mediation.

DR Congo: Bishops withdraw from Mediation.


DRC: Bishops Pull out of Peace Talks

KINSHASA MARCH 31, 2017 (CISA) – DRC bishops have pulled out from peace talks that have been going on to end the country’s political tension.

“We think that there is no longer anything to do. We have given all our time and all our energy,” said Bishop Donatien Nshole, secretary general of the Congolese bishops’ conference.

Moments after the announcement by the bishops, protests broke out with people expressing their disappointment.

President Kabila through a press statement aired on national television announced that the talks will still go on despite the exit of the bishops.

“The current impasse must in no way signify a definitive rupture of the dialogue,” President Kabila said.

The Union for Democracy and Social Progress party (UDPS), one of the lead opposition parties came out strongly calling on its supporters to turn up for a peaceful march on April 10 to protest in resistance of dictatorship.

The bishops have played a big role in the search for peace in the country, having taken part in the mediation talks of December 31, 2016 that prevented a political crisis from happening by ensuring a 2017 election to elect a new president.

The latest voice the bishops sounded was in January, urging the political leaders to implement the December 31 agreement to avoid violence and unrest in the country.

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