DR Congo: Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Vehemently Chastises Government

DR Congo: Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo Vehemently Chastises Government

Cardinal Monsengwo: “It’s time for these mediocre leaders  to leave the stage so there is peace and justice in the DRC”

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo on Tuesday (January 2nd) condemned the violent repression of the March of Catholic Christians last Sunday by “the so-called valiant men in uniform”. This peaceful protest was initiated by the Coordination Committee of Lay Christians (CLC) to claim the “real application” of the agreement of 31 December 2016.

Cardinal Monsengwo condemned and stigmatized the actions of “the so-called valiant men in uniform”, which only instigate barbarism:

“We present as proof: the fact of preventing the Christian faithful from entering the churches to participate in the Eucharistic celebration in the different parishes of Kinshasa, the theft of money, telephone devices, the pursuit, the systematic search of people and their property in the church and in the streets, the entry of the military in the presbyteries of some parishes under the pretext of seeking the sowers of disorder, the killings, the shooting with live bullets and at close range on Christians holding in their hands Bibles, rosaries, crucifixes and statues of the Virgin Mary. “

He advises the mediocre leaders to leave the stage, so that peace and justice may reign in DR Congo.

The Archbishop of Kinshasa wonders how one can still trust leaders who fail to protect the people, guarantee peace, justice and the love of the people. “How would we trust leaders who flout the religious freedom of the people?”, he continued.

For him, the instrumentalization of religious freedom to hide hidden interests such as grabbing resources, wealth, the maintenance of power by unconstitutional methods, can provoke and cause enormous damage to Congolese society.

According to him, the global and inclusive political agreement, sponsored by CENCO, is “violated at will.”

Source: Radio Okapi

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