Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017

April 22nd

April 22nd is global 'Earth Day'

"It is most encouraging that concern for the future of our planet is shared by the Churches and Christian communities, together with other religions". Pope Francis: Show mercy to our common home. Read

#Mercy2Earth is a global campaign to encourage Catholics to reflect on Pope Francis’ important “Show Mercy to our Common Home” message and put it into action.

Here are 30 different ways you can show mercy to our common home. Pray and then chose one to do during #Mercy2Earth Weekend. Don’t forget to register your Act of Mercy on the website at

1. I will join a local climate march.

2. I will begin a group for the "care of creation" in my parish, community or institution.

3. I will organize a workshop or educational talk about the care of creation.

4. I will incorporate #Mercy2Earth into the Sunday liturgy.

5. I will organize a Divine Mercy Chaplet that incorporates care for creation in my family, parish or community.

6. I will advocate for local and national policies that promote the transition to renewable energy.

7. I will buy from companies that support the switch to a low-carbon future.

8. I will reduce my consumption of meat.

9. I will calculate my carbon footprint. (

10. I will divest my personal investments from fossil fuels.

11. I will encourage my organization to divest their funds from fossil fuels.

12. I will avoid flying whenever possible, fly less frequently, fly shorter distances, and fly economy class.

13. I will reduce the use of my car by carpooling or taking public transport, bicycling or walking.

14. I will watch my driving habits: Speeding and unnecessary acceleration waste gas and money and increase your carbon footprint.

15. I will buy local fruit and vegetables, or even try growing my own.

16. I will plant a native plant or tree.

17. I will buy foods that are in season locally

18. I will begin a recycling campaign in my family, community or parish.

19. I will compost my food waste.

20. I will hang out the washing instead of tumble drying.

21. I will use my own bag for all purchases.

22. I will turn down the heating by 1?C.

23. I will purchase less things.

24. I will add solar panels to the roof of my home.

25. I will not buy bottled water if my tap water is safe to drink.

26. I will look for ways to better insulate my home.

27. I will only fill the kettle & boil the amount of water needed.

28. I will spend less time in the shower.

29. I will turn electrical equipment off when not in use.

30. When necessary, I will replace my appliances with energy efficient ones.

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