East Africa: Friends of Mill Hill Magazine

East Africa: Friends of Mill Hill Magazine

(Belated posting of this magazine in the Mill Hill Missionary website)


We are once again heading to the close of another year and we have just so much to thank God for. It can be true that each person has had a particular experience of God and received a particular grace or gift from God during this year. But also as Christians and as friends of Mill Hill we have been blessed with different memorable events and celebrations throughout this year ranging from Ordinations to Farewells and meetings which have also gone on so well. Although we humanly do not expect or desire to lose anyone of us, we have also experienced with regret the departure of many of our Mill Hill men and even family members.

With all these we remain grateful to God who is the giver of life and every good gift. God continues to bless, unite and renew us through the different encounters. The light of the Word of God has continued to pierce through the darkness of our world and the difficult political and cultural situations we live in, through our different little efforts to love and to serve like Christ did. And so we have in this edition of the friends of Mill Hill Magazine, the experiences of Christians who just managed to receive the new life of God through baptism few hours before their death; thanks to the immediate and loving presence of Fr Alex Kimbi in Witu; the great witness for over five years as a priest but indeed a long time since baptism of Fr Makuba in Shauri Moyo; the different extensions of our loving service in parishes, prisons and social centers. Indeed we have been blessed also with a number of ordinations this year.

We can all but thank God for blessing our family of Mill Hill with special graces. True, as a family we can say that God continues to pass through us to bring about the Kingdom. God communicates salvation to humanity through the family. Of all the ways that God may have chosen to communicate the gift of salvation, God chose to do it through the bonds of family as we celebrate every time the happenings within and around the Christmas event. The Divine family (Trinity) spawned the human family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus; this family has in turn inspired human families throughout centuries. As such as family we have the potential of becoming a worldwide family of persons bonded not by genes or vows but by faith.

Wishing you all a much more fulfilled and blessed time reading this edition and reaching out to others in loving service.

By Ignatius Nshing mhm



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