eBook: Pope Francis Goes to the Heart of Asia

eBook: Pope Francis Goes to the Heart of Asia

The visit of Pope Francis to Myanmar and Bangladesh in November/December was an extraordinary success. There were plenty of commentators – some of them in Catholic media – who thought the visit was doomed and would only create trouble.

For the Churches in those countries, and across Asia in different ways, it was a triumph.

At www.ucanews.com we planned and executed comprehensive coverage of the highest professional standard in text, photos and video. We mapped out the prospects and challenges, covered events and assessed the impact of the Papal visit.

At Christmas, we celebrate that God is with us. In this visit, that realization – and in the face of more tumult and discord in those countries and elsewhere in Asia – was deepened and refreshed.

To remind us all of the blessing we received, we have developed an eBook to commemorate the visit: Pope Francis Goes to the Heart of Asia. It is an edited version of our coverage.

Source: UCANews

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