Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019: Theme, Logo, Website, Guide
Painting by Sieger Köder

Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019: Theme, Logo, Website, Guide


The theme of the Mission’s Extraordinary Month is “Baptized and Sent: Christ’s Church on Mission in the World,” states a press release, stressing that “the mission is understood as a proposal of faith that God makes to man.”


A specially conceived logo for the Extraordinary Missionary Month represents “a missionary cross whose traditional colors recall the five Continents.” A press release explained that “The Cross is the instrument and the effective sign of communion between God and men for the mission’s universality: it is luminous, colored, a sign of victory and resurrection.”

The words “Baptized and Sent,” which accompany the image, point out the “two characteristic elements of every Christian: Baptism and proclamation.

The cross’ colors have a particular significance. “The red — read the press release — recalls the blood of the Martyrs of the American Continent, seeds of a new life in the Christian faith. The green is the color of life and symbolizes growth, fertility, youth, and vitality. Green is also the color of hope, one of the three theological virtues. The white is a symbol of joy, the beginning of a new life in Christ . . . The yellow is the color of light . . . The blue is the color of the water of the life that quenches us and restores us on the way of God; it’s the color of our sky, a sign of God’s dwelling with us men.”

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