Fr James Fanning mhm discharged

Fr James Fanning mhm discharged

Aintree Hospital Liverpool

He had been planning to go on a pilgrimage walk to Santiago de Compostela. Instead Fr James Fanning mhm was hopitalised to be treated for aplastic anemia. Now, after 25 days of treatment is has been discharged.

"Discharge day! At last after a jubilee of 25 days in Aintree hospital I am being discharged! I give the nurses some chocolates as a sign of my appreciation for all the TLC I have received round the clock. They have seen me through the first cycle of my treatment. Now I go back to Freshfield to await the upturn and celebrate The Feast of Christ the King , the closing of this great Jubilee of God's mercy, Advent, Christmas and the New Year. I go away with a feeling of intense gratitude and huge bag of medicines to keep me going until I will be reviewed at the end of January. I am told to report three times a week to Southport hospital for blood checks, top ups and good monitoring. The health care has been really good despite all the bad things being said about the NHS. As I leave the hospital I pray that God's blessings of peace and healing may descend on the whole establishment, doctors, nurses, workers, cooks,cleaners, chaplains, patients etc. I will be living a quarantined life for the next few weeks in Herbert House but it is okay as it gives me a chance to catch up on so many things that I had to leave aside during my many years on the missions in Africa. I guard my hope about light at the end of the tunnel. After death comes resurrection. Thank you also foryour continuous flow of good wishes and especially prayers" (Jim Fanning mhm)

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