Bishop Michael Bibi


St. Jude’s Parish, Fundong, was very happy to receive his Lordship Michael Bibi, Auxiliary Bishop of Bamenda Archdiocese. Since four years Fundong Parish has not hosted a bishop for the pastoral visit. He planned his pastoral visit for three days from Friday 27th October to Sunday 29th, October 2017. When he was a student Bishop Michael Bibi did his pastoral year in Fundong Parish and when he was ordained as priest his first appointment was also in Fundong Parish. The Christians of Fundong Parish were glad to welcome their son’s return.

He was given an immense welcome at St. Francis Xavier Mission Station at Boyui by the Catholic Christians and even by the non-Catholic Christians. The Baptist Christians even sung and danced for him. It was like on the day of Palm Sunday when Jesus majestically entered Jerusalem. He entered the church and blessed the sacred vessels. After the joyful welcome he was accompanied by the Christians to the Queen of Peace Mission Station at Mbam where he celebrated Mass. In line with the celebration of the holy sacrifice of the Mass he administered the sacrament of confirmation to 185 confirmants. Towards the end of the Mass Mgr. Bibbi made a surprise announcement that filled the Mbam Christians with great emotion: he offered them a great New Year’s gift by making their Mission Station a Eucharistic Center

Fon of Kom

After the Mass in Mbam, later in the afternoon, the bishop Bibi went to visit the Fon (Paramount Chief)of Kom in his palace at Laikom. The Komc was very happy to see him. The Fon who is now at an advanced age and one time a member of his council announced that he had disappeared and yet he was still alive (the Fon does not die but he just disappears or he gets missing). The Fon thanked God for the graces he had been given and asked the bishop to pray for him in his private bedroom and to give him a blessing.

The following morning the bishop went to St. Michael mission station Muteff. This is the mission station where he stayed as a seminarian. The Christians were overjoyed to see him and the bishop was very happy with the development that is taking place in that mission station. He thanked the Christians for their effort in building the church and also thanked the donors for the support they have given towards the church construction. Seeing their faith and their commitment he promised them a Eucharistic Centre once the church structure is well completed. The bishop celebrated the Holy Mass at Atondum and administered the sacrament of confirmation to 134 candidates.

The pastoral visit was crowned by the Holy Mass at St. Jude Mission Station Fundong where he joined the Christians to celebrate their Feast Day of St. Jude Thaddeus, their patron saint. During Mass tat these colourful festivities the bishop administered the sacrament of confirmation to 569 Christians. It was indeed a great effort for him. But all the same he managed to give the sacrament of confirmation to so many Christians. We can happily say that the bishop confirmed 888 Christians in the entire parish. There is no parish in the Archdiocese of Bamenda that has such that huge numbers as our parish. This means that the faith is growing in St.  Jude’s Parish, Fundong. At the same Mass he blessed the marriage of  17 couples. The Mass took a phenomenal six hours but no one got tired!

The bishop’s visit ended up with an animation session at the parish grounds and a raffle draw with loads of prizes and gifts. This year’s raffle draw was meant for the buying of our photocopying machine. The prizes for the raffle tickets were three cell phones, three statues of Our Lady, two Bibles, ten rosary beads, two Cameroonian hymn books and two transistor radios. The bishop himself bought one booklet of those tickets and he ended up of winning a cell phone and a transistor radio.

The Mgr Bibi went back when he was fulfilled because he had administered the sacraments to so many Christians and the Christians were also very happy because of his placid touch and they saw the fatherly spirit in him. During his visit he reached out to all people and he showed attention to all. May the Good Lord continue to bless his endeavour.

Fr Noah Monday mhm, parish priest

Pastoral visits with a difference

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