Golden Jubilee Casay Credit Cooperative.

Golden Jubilee Casay Credit Cooperative.

The Philippines

Fifty years ago in the Parish of Santa Teresa de Avila in Casay, Anini-y, Antique, the Mill Hill Missionaries founded the Casay Credit Cooperative. The mission of this cooperative since its foundation is to help the local people of Casay to manage their limited resources and be of help to those who are most in need of financial assistance. Since its foundation, this cooperative is part of the life story of its members. Today, this institution is one of the strongest credit cooperatives in the province of Antique. On our celebration today, the members of Casay Credit Cooperative paid tribute to the Mill Hill Missionaries who have continued to support this venture. Our beloved Bishop de Wit MHM † was mentioned in most of the speeches.

Mario M. Dimapilis, MHM

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