Good Friday. Way of the Cross

Good Friday. Way of the Cross

By Hans Burgman mhm

'Eli, Eli, lamma sabachtani?' – 'My God, My God, why have you abandoned me?' Way of the Cross conceived by Hans Burgman mhm and installed at the chapel of the Catholic Community Centre at Nyalenda, Kisumu, Kenya.

The Nyalenda centre is part of the Kisumu Urban Apostolate Programme (KUAP-Pandipieri), a multi-faceted project of integrated human development based on Gospel principles which includes an art school.

Hans Burgman mhm, who initiated and inspired this creative approach to urban flourishing gives this description of its founding principles:

From the outset (in the 1970s) we were guided by a clear philosophy which we used to formulate thus:

-when a community is in trouble, the solutions should come out of that community;

-outsiders wanting to be part of the solution should first become part of the community by living there;

-as we look for solutions, we should use first of all use the resources of the community, esp. people, volunteers.

-our most important source of inspiration should be the simple Gospel.

This approach was new since the main thrust of the existing development NGOs was: transferring funds to the poor Third World areas and supplying experts who could teach the ignorant inhabitants the necessary economical and technical know-how.

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