Grant Writing Workshop

Grant Writing Workshop

Mill Hill Missionaries Philippines

The Mill Hill Missionaries in the Philippines together with MHM MEP students, Mensa Domini Sisters, and two priests from the Diocese of San Jose, Antique had a three day Grant Writing and Fundraising for Missionary Projects Workshop held at MHM Central House in Iloilo City. Fr. Jimmy Lindero, our GC-Asia, facilitated the workshop. He presented the suggested steps to be followed in writing grant project proposal and how to write one. He also introduced the participants on different possible project partners and funders and how to apply for grant to their organizations.

The presentation of Fr. Jimmy was very interesting and he delivered them on a very lively way. In this way, the participants showed great enthusiasm to listen and to know how to write project proposals. It had been expressed by the participants that the inputs of Fr. Jimmy would help them in seeking partners (not funders) for their future missionary projects.

Mario Dimapilis

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