Historic Visit to Brazil

Historic Visit to Brazil

Mill Hill Missionaries in Brazil

From 3 – 8 September 2016 Frs Michael Corcoran, General Superior, and Desmond McGillicuddy, Vicar General, visited the two last remaining Mill Hill missionaries in Brazil – in the diocese of Governador Valadares.

They are Frs Anthony Amort mhm and Eelke Piet Mous mhm.

Fr Anthony Amort mhm, who plans to retire to his region of origin (German Speaking Region) in a year’s time, sent this series of photos with the comment:

“These photos may well have historical value since most probably this will be the last Mill Hill gathering in Brazil in history”!

Mill Hill missionaries: Anthony Amort, Michael Corcoran, Eelke Piete Mous, Desmond McGillicuddy

In 2017 the two remaining Mill Hill missionaries in Latin America will be Fr Eelke Piet Mous mhm in Governador Valadares, Brazil and Theo Raaijmakers mhm in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

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