How to get my life right

How to get my life right

Book review by AlexanderKimbi Toaghang mhm

In the book How to get my life right, J. M. Roca makes the question of what our vocation may be in this life a grave concern for whoever has struggled with the search for meaning in his or her life. He starts by asserting that the whole of humanity is on a journey towards an end. And the end in view is a life of unity with God who created each and every one of us, for a purpose. Because God created each one of us different from any other person and for a task particular to each one of us, the route to this end will always be particular to each; though with the same end in view.

For this reason, our journey to self-discovery and actualization of our being needs a personal commitment, dedication, openness to the truth and to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

For in being true and free to the voice that calls, we may discover our vocation as sometimes not in accord with what we wish according to the physical realities around us, but actually discovering what God wishes for us. It is worthy of note that we are all called by God, First of all to a holy life. Roca quotes (Mt 5:48) “Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect.” This is an indication that we are all called to a life of love and service; an invitation to Divine love, the love with which God created us all making this love our principal vocation.

Roca goes on to say that this journey to self-discovery is not an easy one; it is encapsulated with both internal and external obstacles. Some of these difficulties can be recognized as doubts about what we feel called to, fear, the desire to maintain our freedom and many others.

However, great consolation comes in, Roca says, that we are capable of fulfilling the purpose for which we were created with the strength of love.

In this light, we should first of all know and acknowledge that we are loved by God and should open up our hearts and eyes to accept and imitate that life of love which was greatly manifested in Jesus. Lastly, Roca says that the trust we have in God’s plan for us puts us on a trajectory of the enthusiasm that enables us to discover what we are worth as individuals, consequently leading to a life of appreciation that we are truly worth.

This book therefore is a great tool for those who in one way or another desire to know or would rather question the purpose of their being here on earth.

Summary by Alexander Kimbi Toaghang mhm, student of theology, Nairobi, Kenya

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