Hyderabad, Pakistan: Cardinal Joseph Coutts Comes to Visit

Hyderabad, Pakistan: Cardinal Joseph Coutts Comes to Visit

New Cardinal of Pakistan: “It is right and just, always and everywhere to give thanks”

Earlier this year, Pope Francis has named 14 new cardinals from 11 nations and among them is the Archbishop of Karachi, Pakistan, Archbishop Joseph Coutts. The new cardinals received their red hats at an ordinary consistory in St. Peter’s Basilica June 28 .

Cardinal Joseph Coutts is the second cardinal in the history of the Catholic Church in Pakistan after Cardinal Cordeiro (†1994) wh o was made a cardinal 45 years ago in 1973.

Since the elevation of Cardinal Coutts, he has been visiting different dioceses in the country to share the blessings and joy of his new ministry.

On Wednesday, November 14, Cardinal Joseph Coutts visited the Diocese of Hyderabad to assure the people of his prayers and closeness.

Together with the faithful of the diocese, clergy and religious men and women, Cardinal Coutts presided at the Eucharist to give thanks for this great blessing for the Catholic Church in Pakistan.

In his homily, he recalled his time working in the diocese three decades back. He reflected how he saw the Church grow from few Catholics with no infrastructures and with huge security challenges. He reminded the faithful that we are never alone in our unique journey in this country and that we should never get tired of always and everywhere giving thanks to God.

The elevation of Cardinal Coutts is a timely blessing and hope for the Catholic Church in Pakistan in this time of despair and great fear due to intimidation.

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