Hyderbad, India: Solemn Blessing of the Statue of St. Joseph of Dreams

Hyderbad, India: Solemn Blessing of the Statue of St. Joseph of Dreams

Abp Thumma Bala, Fr Vincent Porathur mhm

On 3rd March 2019 took place the solemn Blessing of the statue of St. Joseph of Dreams’ by Archbishop of Hyderabad Most. Rev. Thumma Bala b. on the premises of St. Joseph’s House, Hyderbad. There was a prayer service organised by Rev. Fr. Fritz Neuhauser. Fr. Vincent Porathur, the Director of Mill Hill Family India, organised the whole programme and shared the fellowship meal with the Mill Hill Family Friends.

Words spoken at this occasion:

” Our Founder, Cardinal Herbert Vaughan, put our society under the special protection of St. Joseph. The most devoted person to St. Joseph that ever was or will be is He who knew him best, namely Jesus. For thirty years Jesus was subject to Joseph; He obeyed, He honoured, He loved Him with all the filial affection of a child for a father. He set us an example so that we may walk in His footsteps.

However much you love Joseph, your love will always fall short of the extraordinary love leads us to Jesus and Mary showed him. On the other hand, the love of Joseph necessarily leads us to Jesus and Mary. He was the first Christian to whom it was said, ‘Take the Child and his Mother.’ This led one of the Fathers of the Church to say: ‘You will always find Jesus with Mary and Joseph.'”

Our Founder was one of the outstanding devotees of St. Joseph, along with St. Theresa of Avila and St. Francis de Sales and the two popes Bl. Pius IX and Leon XIII who were his contemporaries. So he wanted the members and friends of his missionary Society to turn to their Patron in all their needs both Spiritual and material.

“The members of the Society shall choose St. Joseph, the Head of the Holy Family, to be their Father and Founder. And this they can do with good reason, seeing how singularly he has favoured their Society from its beginning, how it is called by his name, as a child by the name of his Father, and how it is pledged to imitate him in his love and service of Jesus and Mary. They shall remember that he was the First Foreign Missionary, when by order of an angel he “took the Child and His Mother” and went to the heathen land of Egypt.”

Arul Nirmal Raj mhm

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