Independence Day India

Independence Day India

Report on a celebration

70th Independence Day Celebrations in

2nd Cycle, Pune

India celebrated 70th Independence day on 15th of August 2016. Indian students organized the liturgy of the day followed by the ceremony of the hoisting of the tri-coloured flag of India. They then had a day of sports organized among themselves. This being a national public holiday, the programme of the day was culminated in a celebratory lunch out together.

Below is the message shared during the unfurling of the Indian flag…

No one looks back holding a light in his or her hand because the focus is on the light which shows the clear path. Likewise the freedom fighters of India had the vision of freedom and the weapon of non-violence, through which they saw a new world….a world of freedom from British colonialism. The weapon of non-violence propagated by Mahatma Gandhi Ji inspired many people who joined him. Because of their hard work and self-sacrifice, today we are celebrating 70th Independence Day.

Having been ruled for 200 years by the British and gained independence in 1947, I must say that India has taken big strides and made a rapid growth.

It is one of the fastest developing countries in many fields such as economy, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship, scientific-research, technology, medicine etc…

How blessed and privileged we are…to celebrate the Independence Day on 15th of August on which the Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.

The feast of assumption expresses a fervent hope that our faith in the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven may make our faith in our resurrection both strong and more active. This feast is not just limited to giving us hope for the after-life but Mary gives every Christian hope in the growing struggle of everyday life.

It is this hope that we celebrate today. It is this hope the freedom fighters had for a better tomorrow. It is this hope we are called to cultivate and instill in others for a better future amidst so many problems of terrorism, destruction, injustice, corruption and migration etc..

Reflecting in the line of Pope Francis words and messages during this year of mercy, I think, we cannot truly call ourselves a successful nation, wise and great, if our nation, its leaders and above all its people are not known as a people of compassion and mercy.

Therefore let us pray today for the country India, its leaders and its people that our concerns will not be about what to eat or what to wear, for life means more than that.

Let us pray that our hearts may burn with the flames of mercy, compassion, sincerity, humility and kindness that we may set our hearts on the Gospel Values. Then for sure, all other things shall be added unto us. Jai Hind!!!

Fr Thomas Yellavula mhm

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