India: “Catholic Church at a Critical Point”

India: “Catholic Church at a Critical Point”

“Evangelization demands creativity and innovation. God is ever new and ancient,” said Bishop Thomas Dabre of Poona at the beginning of this week’s plenary meeting of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI).

“Exponential growth of science and technology, ameliorating conditions of life, enhancing health and lifespan are in truth God’s blessings through human inventiveness, skills and imagination. However, these have mistakenly led a growing number of people to pride, and people live as though man can organize his life by his own resources without dependence on God or even denying his existence. This also has fostered a wide-spread materialism, indifference to spirituality, agnosticism, atheism and secularism,” the bishop said during his Jan. 8 address.

Source: Crux

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