India: Goa Traditional Catholic Powerhouse for Asia
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India: Goa Traditional Catholic Powerhouse for Asia

While Goa has many famous spots, the village of Aldona is notable for having served as the birthplace of no fewer than six prelates.

They are Ferdinand Fonseca, the late bishop of Bombay; Anthony Lobo, the late bishop of Islamabad, Pakistan; Archbishop Joseph Coutts of Karachi; Felipe Neri Ferrao, the archbishop of Goa and Daman; Evarist Pinto, the former archbishop of Karachi; and Anil Couto, the archbishop of Delhi who is also a cousin of Cardinal Coutts.

Another prelate from Goa, who leads the Indian Bishops’ Conference as its secretary-general, is Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas.

Father Pereira said Goa’s abundant priestly vocations stem in part from the practice of families in the region traditionally “offering one child to God.”

Archbishop Gonsalves said it also relates to a different system of praying in Goa.In the past, Catholics in Goa would pray to God to help them fulfill His wishes, whereas today they ask that He help them carry out what they see as their mandate, he said.

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