Institute of St. Anselm Relocated to Rome Opens its Doors
Il Carmelo, Ciampino

Institute of St. Anselm Relocated to Rome Opens its Doors

Fr Len Kofler mhm

The newly relocated Institute of St. Anselm has just completed its first week in Rome. The Institute is now housed in part of the Carmelite centre at Ciampino, on the outskirts of Rome.
Almost forty of us, staff and participants assembled on the 2nd of January, 2018 at Il Carmelo and were warmly welcomed by Len Kofler mhm, Thalia, Claire and the members of the Facilitation Team.

Everyone is temporarily housed in a “Retreat” wing of Il Carmelo, until the wing that will house the Institute is fully renovated. Hopefully, the builders, plumbers, electricians, and painters will have completed their tasks within the next few weeks.

The “Process” offered by the Institute is well established and we are all pulling together, with appropriate flexibility, to make the new St. Anselm a success and blessing to many more priests, religious and laity from around the world.

Please pray for the success of this brave and necessary venture. I believe the Church needs such an institute to complement ministry and faith in the 21st Century. In its thirty three year history, the Institute of St. Anselm has positively changed the lives of thousands and revitalized their ministry. May the Blessed Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit continue to accompany the good work that goes on in this place.

Fr. Paul F. Mooney MHM

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