Ireland: Sanctity and Protection of Human Life
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Ireland: Sanctity and Protection of Human Life

Some bit of Irish related news – not sure if it is “globally” interesting –  but Ireland has swung from being totally on all affirming for life, health etc to totally on the other where our doctors seem to be expected to administer or perform abortions in their clinics or in the maternity hospitals.

Two thirds of the population voted to remove the equal right of the unborn from the constitution earlier this year.  Mention at the time was of an approach that would be regulated and compassionate.  Since then anyone with a pro-life view is belittled as being backward, rural and against progress, being paternalistic, etc.  The main political groups have all supported the introduction of abortion as have a number of independent politicians and a number of those in the political parties who have asked for more reasonableness and spoken out against some of the extremes have been either kicked out of their parties or forced to resign.

Nearly all amendments that were tabled were thrown out by the Minister for health with the support of the main political parties.  Doctors, nurses and pharmacists were not consulted to their view about performing or prescribing oral abortifacients or performing surgical abortions  prior to the referendum and in the post referendum planning.

They initially said all doctors will have to take part. A significant number of doctors said in conscience that they could not recommend the one wishing to procure an abortion to an “abortion friendly” doctor as it would be on their conscience also and they did not want to be part of it.  The Minister of health seems to be swinging the lead to force all medical personnel to “cooperate” with his master plans.

Last weekend the doctors tried to meet but the top people had scant time to hear the voices of those wishing to not be involved.  They had to walk out in protest, 50 of them, representing about 1,500 known doctors against putting the process of abortion in the ordinary medical practices.  At the end of the process, I don’t know if they will be more humane in their approach as it seems to be quite extreme and walking over people – this is the “new, modern” Ireland!

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