Irish Region News Update

Irish Region News Update

Philip O'Halloran mhm, Regional

Irish Region News Update

June 2017

With the brighter weather, longer days and sunshine summer has shown it face after a mild winter and spring. On the Media scene that mildness is not so evident with the discussions on the National Maternity Hospital in connection with the role of Church involvement. Irish politics seems to go its own way with the furthering of what some name as the “new Ireland”. These subjects together with Sports, from the merits and demerits of managers, teams and players are what are bounced about in the chitchat across the lunch and supper tables here in St. Joseph’s House.

As we move into the holiday season, there are many events going on around us. We also have our own activities:

Dates for diaries:
Irish Region Jubilees Day: Sunday 9th July.
General Superior Visitation: from Monday 3rd July to Thursday 20th July
Regional Assembly Day: Tuesday 3rd of October.

Jubilee Day: 9th July
In the Irish Region we have two Jubilarians this year and both are celebrating their Diamond Jubilees: Matt Carpenter and Terry Lee. We will celebrate the Eucharist at 12 noon and go for a “gaudium” followed by lunch at Milltown Golf Club.

Every Mill Hill member is welcome and this serves as an invitation as it is our Irish Region celebration to thank God for these missionaries and their work, and celebrate with them and their families as we mark this milestone in their missionary lives.

Please let me know by the 15th of June if you are attending so we are able to confirm the numbers for the meal to the management of Milltown Club. Either phone or SMS me on 089 438 53 20 or send an email to

On holidays /Leave:

Some members have arrived for holidays: Patrick Ryan from Kenya, Patrick Harrington from Cameroon and we expect Terry Lee at the end of June. We welcome them all home and wish them a good rest and holiday. I have had no notifications of others coming on leave but we may meet them in due course when they turn up.


There has been a number of visitors from overseas these last few months: Noel Hanrahan has had various families from Malaysia visiting, some arrived while he was briefly in hospital. It was an opportunity for Tom Connors to catch up on Malaysian News too. Andreas Agreiter was here for some days with two visitors from Tyrol, and Paul Hien Pham Dinh has also been here.


We offer our sympathies to Gerald Doyle whose uncle died and Jim O’Donoghue whose brother from Monkstown died recently. Tom Ganly, the father of the late Fr. Liam and Declan also died recently. May they all rest in peace.

Kilkenny House and Sale

FitzGerald Auctioneers and Linsey Auctioneers have put up the “For Sale” notices and begun to advertise our Kilkenny House for sale. There has been some initial enquiries to the auctioneer and one viewing so far. The sale is by private treaty.

Regarding our members there, they are soon to begin the process of sorting out and clearing up stores and rooms. Once the time comes for distribution of the Autumn issue of St. Joseph’s Advocate the Organising Department is set up in Dublin by mid August. The editor will complete the work for the calendar and winter issue there and most of the members will move this way by mid to end of September.

Farewell and welcomes

We welcomed John Ambrose home from the Philippines earlier in the year.

We will say farewell to Charles Okata who completes the Loreto House Formation Ministry Programme in June. He will join the formation staff in Jinja. Three members are in the process of applying to attend the 2017/2018 programme: Devadas Sannaki who has been working in Malaysia, Dominic Nyachoti who has been working in Cameroon and Arul Nirmal Raj who has been working in India.


In February the Irish Missionary Union (IMU) and Congregations of Religious in Ireland (CORI) were amalgamated into the Association of Missionaries and Religious in Ireland (AMRI). A “closure ritual” was part of meeting that was held at the Emmaus Centre in Swords. You can access the address given by the new Secretary General Sr. Liz Murphy and photos of the amalgamation day on Various people were elected as the executive during this meeting. You will find other news and galleries on their website, including a downloadable copy of the Retreats and Courses Guide for 2017. AMRI will be officially launched on the 5th of September.

General Superior Visitation

Michael Corcoran will come on an official visitation from the 3rd to the 20th of July. He will start off in Dublin. I will be in contact for those outside of Dublin to arrange a suitable date for his visit.

Hospitals and Health

Gerry Gogarty has had some surgery to remove some cancer related growths from the top of his head and will have more surgery on his other ear during June. Noel Hanrahan was in hospital after a fall but was back in the House after a few days. Tom McGrath will go for surgery in June and will have post operative rest in St. Joseph’s. Some other members are on treatment and one will have an operation to remove cataracts.

Please keep all of them in your prayers.

World Meeting of Families 2018

Dublin will host the world meeting of Families from 21-26 August 2018. The World Meeting of Families will explore how families, as our first home, can help us to care for our common home. Its logo – I am unsure if I can put it here as it is copyrighted – has a silhouette of families backed by the map of the world in blue and green to indicate it is both an international and ecological event as the world is our common home. The theme is The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World. More information may be sought here:

¶ Enjoy the Summer ¶

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